About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of grassroots citizen volunteers that cross the entire political spectrum – our members include the liberal left, the Christian right, and everything in between including history buffs, libertarians, and fiscal conservatives.  What brought such a diverse (and at times dysfunctional) group together?  Each and every one of us has questions and concerns about the current version of the proposed Confluence project.  All of us love our city and want to see it grow in a sustainable and responsible way that preserves our heritage where possible.  None of us is paid and we are working on a shoe string. There’s neither developer money nor City hotel tax money supporting our efforts.  Foremost, it is our goal to offer voters the facts about the Confluence and other community development projects. Once fully informed, we are confident the Eau Claire citizens will advise their representatives on the City Council of the right decision for their community.

No marketing. No special interests. Just the facts.